This is research into the ancestry of the family of Dave Lyon. I realized that I have a ton of neat/important genealogical data (which I am occasionally asked for by relatives) and thought- hey, I’m a web designer! I should make a website to share it!

Wow- what a great idea! Can I join?

Well, yes you can join, but this isn’t a place for people to create accounts and upload their family history. This is the family history of my own family and since we’re all related somehow or other you may find someone you know in this tree. I’m happy to include information on ancestors we share if you send it.

Well, darn. Why can’t I have something like this for my family?

Good news- you can. There are lots of great tools out there. You could give a try- they have some nice features and cool integration with the historical records they sell access to. I myself built this site out of a collection of free tools and as time goes on I will also be showing how you can do that- so stay tuned.

Can I call my site too?

Sorry- I got the name first fair and square. If you’d like to buy the domain name from me for more than I can possibly imagine, please contact me.