John Carter of Broadwell

March 31st, 2011

Last night I attended an exhibit from Christ in You Ministries called The History of Christian Scriptures. Looking at a 1607 Geneva Bible, I turned some pages and found some handwritten notes on a blank page. It was a family bible! I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone. I don’t know these people but maybe they’re in your family tree!

I know this isn’t a great shot. I took a slew of pictures, but it wasn’t an ideal camera or ideal conditions. If you’d like the others I took, let me know.

John Carter born, at Broadwell May 1642
he dyed September ye 16 1722 he attained
ye ful age of 4 score & as much as from May
untel ye time he dyed

Giles Carter His Book who departed this life
October the Seaventeenth — — — on thou
sandĀ  six hundred seaventy and three and chose his text
in the second chapter of Ecclesiastes and the seaventeenth
verse – therefore I hated life for the work that is wrought
under the sun is gracious unto me for all is vanity and
vexation of the Spirit

He attained the full age of twenty and seaven years
and as much as from ?? ?? until the
time he died

William Carter departed this life
October th 12 on thousand six hundred
seaventy and four
and attained the full age of seaventeen years



John Carter junr born march ye 28
he dyed jun ye 5 1710


So the facts are- just for search engines:

John Carter
born: May 1642, Broadwell, (Warwickshire?)
died: 16 Sep 1722

Giles Carter
born: Abt 1646
died: 17 Oct 1673

William Carter
born: Abt 1657
died: 12 Oct 1674

John Carter junior
born: March 28
died: 5 Jun 1710