No Fitche Castle After All

February 25th, 2011

Sadly, in my quest for Real PlacesĀ®, I ran across an ancestor supposedly born at Fitche castle. This kind of thing is always exciting to me.

Unfortunately, it’s not true.

Thank you for the copy which proves it to be the pedigree which my great-uncle Fred. had drawn up with a grant of arms in 1890 and which was added to, the latest item being the marriage of my parents in 1896. In those days they still believed in the myth of Fitch’s Castle and that the Widdington branch was the elder to that of Steeple Bumpstead. Years later I made a claim to the undifferenced arms by correcting the pedigree which the College of Arms then had registered in their archive. The original of this vast pedigree used to hang for years in the wating room of the offices when the firm was in St.Martin’s Lane. I suppose it is now at West Smithfield.

I guess I would have made up being descended from a castle-owning family, too.